Sony Music Indonesia launches new label dedicated to dangdut

Megah Music will release new recordings as well as older material previously only released in physical formats

Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia has announced the launch of new label Megah Music, dedicated to the country’s popular genre dangdut.

Megah Music – named for the Indonesian word for ‘majestic – will span genres such as rural pop, Hindi pop, as well as praise and worship music “for all religions”, per a press release. It also claims to be the first label from a global music company focused on these musical genres in Indonesia.

Besides releasing newly recorded tracks and projects, Megah Music will also digitally re-release dangdut material that Sony Music Indonesia released in physical formats during the ’90s to early 2000s.


The label’s first release is rising star Nabilla Gomes’ ‘Garam Rasanya Gula’. The track features traditional Indonesian instruments and themes set against a mash of electronic and rock music. Hear it below:


“I am very honoured to be releasing my music under Megah Music as its first signing. Dangdut has always been here in Indonesia and I’m grateful to have this opportunity to spread the dangdut music across the country, and to make it known globally,” said Gomes.

Dangdut emerged in Jakarta in the late 1960s and gained popularity in the ’80s and ’90s. It takes influence from Hindi, Malay and Arabic music and styles, and was described in 1995 by the late Indonesian Secretary of State Moerdiono as “the music of the people”. Famous dangdut artists include Rhoma Irama – often hailed as the “king of dangdut” – as well as Mansyur S., Ikke Nurjanah and more.


Sony Music Indonesia general manager Muhammad Soufan said in a statement that the goal of the Megah Music will be “to bring dangdut music to the forefront of the Indonesian music scene by building a platform and network for the those particular musical genres’ artist and community to showcase their talent”.

Mega Music will “will develop music with potential appeal across a number of South East Asia markets, thanks its similar rhythm and feel to Hindi pop and Malay [sic]”, added Sony Music South East Asia executive vice president Ariel Fung.