So!YoON! explains why SE SO NEON’s fandom name translates to “booger”

“I’m kind of regretting it but we’ve already used that word for too long”

SE SO NEON frontwoman and soloist So!YoON! has shared the reason behind their fanbase’s name.

The singer recently appeared on DIVE Studios’ Daebak Show hosted by singer-songwriter Eric Nam, where she gave insight on SE SO NEON’s fandom name “KDG”, or “코딱지” (which translates to “booger”) in Korean.

“When we started the band I made up my mind that ‘no matter how big I become, I’m just a booger’,” So!YoON! explained. “I wanted to remember that I’m just a speck in the universe. I wanted to remind myself to always be humble.”


“We talked about always remembering that. We are a band of boogers, so you guys are boogers too. ‘Our fans are boogers too!’ That’s how it came to be,” the singer shared with a laugh. “I’m kind of regretting it but we’ve already used that word for too long.”

“But I can’t call my global fans ‘Boogers’, right? It’s a little weird. So, we called [our fans] KDG. ‘Kodakgi’,” she explained. “We’re creating merch and we have a special KDG edition. We’ve created items for Kodakgi, like badges and T-shirts.”

Elsewhere during the episode, So!YoON! and Nam played a game to determine the former’s dream collaboration from a pool of popular acts including RM, Dean, NewJeans and Nam himself, among others.

The singer eventually chose NewJeans over Nam in the final round, apologising to Nam before remarking: “NewJeans is good”.

Earlier this month, So!YoON! released her second solo studio record ‘Episode1: Love’ alongside the lead track ‘Smoke Sprite’ featuring BTS rapper RM.

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