Spice Girls fans criticise Geri for hugging Nadine Dorries at Euro final: “She really slammed it to the left”

It comes after the Tory MP posted a picture of the pair at Wembley

Spice Girls fans have expressed their disappointment after Geri Halliwell was pictured hugging Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries at the Euro 2022 final.

It comes after the Tory MP posted a picture showing Halliwell with her arms around Dorries in celebration after the Lionesses beat Germany 2-1 at Wembley Stadium.

“Girl power radiating from Wembley tonight,” Dorries wrote.


Many fans pointed out the Culture Secretary’s history of voting against gay marriage and “only recently demonising the trans community”.

“Geri really slammed the left and shook her self to the right huh,” one Twitter user joked.

Another added: “Geri really does do everything she can to piss on her legacy. Madness.”

“Oh dear, just when I thought Geri couldn’t go down any further in my estimation, she pulls this out the bag,” one fan went on.

“If you are blissfully unaware of who Geri Horner is hugging, google Nadine Dorries. I’m sorry in advance,” another wrote.


Other fans said they weren’t surprised by the move, after the singer previously hailed Margaret Thatcher in the 90s and paid tribute to the late Prime Minister when she died in 2013.

“Geri was very open about being a Tory in the Nineties, too; famously said that Thatcher was an example of Girl Power, so we shouldn’t be massively surprised tbh,” One user pointed out.

Another added: “She always was a Tory though so I don’t know why anyone is surprised. You should lower your expectations of pop stars!”

Earlier this year, Dorries announced that she was pressing ahead with plans to privatise Channel 4, which would result in the broadcaster being sold off after 40 years in public ownership.

Footage of a previous interview with Channel 4 also resulted in the Culture Secretary being compared to a Catherine Tate character.

More recently Joe Lycett took aim at Dorries in a fake resignation letter from her to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

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