St. Vincent recalls phone call she received from Paul McCartney: “He was the loveliest man on the planet”

Annie Clark told the tale before performing '...At The Holiday Party' on 'The Late Late Show'

St. Vincent has recalled an impromptu phone call she received from Paul McCartney after she remixed one of his songs, describing the Beatles legend as “the loveliest man on the planet”.

The artist (real name Annie Clark) told the story to James Corden on his Late Late Show last night (January 4) ahead of a live performance of her ‘Daddy’s Home’ track ‘… At The Holiday Party’.

Clark recalled how she was contacted by McCartney out of the blue after she contributed a remix of his song ‘Women and Wives’ to last year’s ‘McCartney III Imagined’.


“I submitted the song, and I was all nervous to hear what would Paul think,” she told Corden.

“Then I was driving across town, and I see this random +44 number [come up on her phone] from England. So I pick it up, and it’s Paul McCartney… he called me, and he was the loveliest man on the planet.

“He was saying how he liked the background vocals [of the remix] – I said: ‘I did that, Paul’ – and the guitar solo: ‘That was me, Paul! I did it all, Paul!’ That was a real treat.”

Clark continued: “I then tried to give him a compliment: [it’s] hard to say anything complimentary that he hasn’t heard before. But I said what I said, as heartfelt and as sincerely as I meant it.

“He just very graciously turned it around and said: ‘It’s great, this music thing we get to do. It’s great.’ And I was like: ‘Yes Paul, yes it is.'”


You can watch St. Vincent perform ‘… At The Holiday Party’ on The Late Late Show above.

St. Vincent’s latest rendition of ‘… At The Holiday Party’ follows on from the recent release of her filmed performance of the same track for the live music show Austin City Limits.

The full episode will air in the US on January 15.

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