STAYC’s Isa shot an arrow at someone “by mistake” while filming ‘RUN2U’ MV

“I had to shoot it, but the arrow kept falling”

STAYC member Isa has revealed she shot an arrow at someone by accident while filming the music video for ‘RUN2U’, the girl group’s latest single.

In a recently released ‘‘RUN2U’ MV behind talk’ video, the K-pop idol talked about the challenges she ran into while filming the music video, which included a scene of her wielding a bow and arrow. “It was really tight, it needed a lot of strength,” Isa explained. “I got muscle pain the next day, that’s how tight it was.”

Isa then elaborated on how she initially struggled to load and aim the arrow – “I had to shoot it, but the arrow kept falling” – but when she finally figured out how to control the mechanism, she accidentally shot at the music video’s director.


“I did shoot it for real [and] I even got callouses [on my hand]. So I shot it, but I missed and shot it at the director by mistake,” Isa said, adding that thankfully the director was able to avoid the arrow.

‘RUN2U’ is the lead single of their sophomore mini-album ‘YOUNG-LUV.COM’, the follow-up to their first mini-album ‘Stereotype’. Their latest record also features five other new tracks, two of which were both produced and written by High Up Entertainment heads and hitmaker duo Black Eyed Pilseung.

STAYC was named one of NME’s 100 Emerging Artists of 2022, where they were praised for their distinctive sound and “sheer pop optimism”. Closer to home, the girl group had also taken home a trophy for Best Performance at the 31st Seoul Music Awards and a Digital Song Bonsang for ‘ASAP’ at the 36th Golden Disc Awards.

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