Watch Stray Kids deliver an emotional rendition of Day6’s ‘I’ll Try’

The cover was performed by Stray Kids' vocalists Bang Chan, Seungmin and I.N

Stray Kids members Bang Chan, Seungmin and I.N have released their cover of ‘I’ll Try’ by originally by South Korean band Day6.

The trio performed their rendition of the pop rock ballad as part of the group’s recent appearance on the August 25 episode of South Korean idol variety show Weekly Idol, for a segment on the show called Weekly Playlist. 

Vocalists Bang Chan, Seungmin and I.N stayed mostly true to the original song, with the trio harmonising in its final verses: “Just like your love / That loves me / Just the way I am / Just the way you are / I’ll hold you”.


‘I’ll Try’ was originally released by Day6 in 2017, from the band’s second studio album ‘Moonrise’. That record featured 12 other tracks aside from ‘I’ll Try’, including its lead single ‘I Like You’.

Meanwhile, Stray Kids recently returned with the full-length album ‘NOEASY’, which is their first release since winning Mnet reality TV programme Kingdom: Legendary War. The record also also includes member Hyunjin, who returned to the group earlier this month after a lengthy hiatus.

Prior to the release of ‘NOEASY’, Stray Kids previewed several songs from the 14-track record through their ‘UNVEIL’ project. This included ‘Sorry, I Love You’‘Cheese’, Bang Chan and Hyun-jin’s ‘Red Lights’, Lee Know, Chang-bin and Felix’s ‘Surfin”, and ‘Gone Away’ by Han, Seung-min and I.N.

The eight-member act also conveyed their gratitude to their fans in an interview prior to the release of ‘NOEASY’. “Thanks to the unchanging love and support we receive from STAY, we’ve been able to try out various things musically and clearly define our team-specific colour,” they said.