Stream Rekah’s single ‘Terang Dilarang Masuk’ from their debut album ‘Kiamat’

Pre-orders for a cassette edition of the Indonesian hardcore band’s album open this weekend

Indonesian hardcore band Rekah have released their third single of their debut album ‘Kiamat’, ‘Terang Dilarang Masuk’, on streaming platforms.

The energetic and raucous track was written by the band’s lead singer and guitarist Tomo Hartono. It was co-produced by Tomo and Rekah guitarist Fachri Bayu Wicaksono.

It’s the third single from ‘Kiamat’ available to stream, following ‘Kereta Terakhir Dari Palmerah’ and ‘Mengajari Api Berdansa’, which were released widely on March 6 and May 1 respectively.


Listen to ‘Terang Dilarang Masuk’ here.

Rekah released ‘Kiamat’ on May 1 exclusively on the Indonesian-based music sales platform The Storefront. The independent record label Greedy Dust will release the album on cassette alongside a merch drop of Rekah t-shirts. Pre-orders for them will open this Sunday (June 19), the label announced on Instagram.

In an interview with NME, Tomo shared that ‘Kiamat’ is split into three chapters. The first dives into “the banal things we do to survive,” the second about “the hell of capitalism”, and the third muses on doomsday and the hereafter.

“This is a world that is filled with unfairness and it needs to experience doomsday first, before we can once again open the road and breathe easier,” Tomo shared.


Prior to ‘Kiamat’, Rekah released two EPs: ‘Berbagi Kamar’ in 2017 and ‘Kiamat, Babak Pertama’ in 2021.

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