Streams of YG and Nipsey Hussle’s ‘FDT’ rose over 300% on US election day

The song was released when Trump was in the running to become the Republican Party's presidential candidate in 2016

Streams of YG and Nipsey Hussle’s ‘FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)’ rose by over 300 percent on the day of the US election.

American residents went to the polls on Tuesday (November 3), with results finally being determined earlier today (7). The presidency was officially called for Democratic candidate Joe Biden after a win in Pennsylvania secured him the 270 electoral college votes needed to take office in the White House.

‘FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)’ was originally released in 2016, when Trump was in the running to become the Republican Party’s presidential candidate. “Don’t let Donald Trump win, that n***a cancer,” warned YG on the track. “He too rich, he ain’t got the answers/He can’t make decisions for this country, he gon’ crash us.”


According to Nielsen Music/MRC Data, the song saw a big increase in both sales and streams on election day. The figures showed a 221 percent rise in sales compared to the day before voting occurred. Streams also jumped from 240,000 to 1,050,000, giving the track a 338 percent boost.

YG reinforced the sentiment of ‘FDT’ on Twitter following Biden’s victory being announced. “FUCK DONALD TRUMP,” he tweeted. “I know @NipseyHussle goin crip crazy right now!”

The rapper also shared a video of Biden giving a speech. “I’ve just one thing to say,” he begins, before holding up a phone to the microphone. ‘FDT’ is then edited over the clip and footage of politicians including Barack Obama and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris dancing along followed.


Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are among the numerous Twitter users sharing the song in celebration of Biden’s election. Teigen shared a video of her and her husband dancing along to the song at their home on Twitter.

Stars of the entertainment world have been reacting to Biden’s win on social media. “You just gave the world one of the greatest acts of kindness and bravery humanity has ever seen,” tweeted Lady Gaga.

Filmmaker Spike Lee has also been filmed drinking champagne in the streets of Brooklyn and spraying it over revellers celebrating the President-elect’s victory.