Suboi announces art exhibition for 2021 album, ‘NO-NÊ’

The Vietnamese rapper’s exhibition is slated to happen from November 17 to 22

Vietnam’s “queen of hip hop” Suboi announced earlier this week that a visual exhibition of her 2021 album, ‘NO-NÊ‘ will be displayed at the Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts from November 17 to 22.

In an Instagram post by the rapper, she invited audiences to “look within” as the exhibition will explore the music through art and culture. She first teased the announcement on November 4, with the caption, “Next chapter is about to begin…Coming soon, my loves.”


In a press release shared to Hanoi Grapevine, the organisers of the exhibition share that, “The works in the album NONÊ will no longer be encapsulated in the form of “music”, instead, it will be a party of light, temperature, sound, scent and resonance to honour the true beauty of people, to write a Look Within Journey.”

Moreover, the ‘Look Within Exhibition’ will showcase works by Suboi together with local and foreign independent artists and directors. “The works reflect on reality, perception and vision…NO NÊ is also NO/NONE, marking the moment of awareness of not-self, impermanence and the journey back to oneself.”

‘NO-NÊ’ was Suboi’s first record in seven years, following 2014’s ‘RUN.’ It was released in July of last year. In an Instagram post announcing the album, the rapper wrote that she wrote these songs during a “transitional time” in her life.

Earlier this year, she performed a number of tracks from the album at the MTV School Fest, including ‘SICKERRR,’ ‘BET ON ME,’ and ‘LAVA.’ Watch the full performance below.

This year, she was featured on ‘Ngọt Ngào Ở Ngày Mai’ by Vietnamese singer-songwriter Mỹ Tâm. Mỹ Tâm was crowned as the most popular Vietnamese singer on Spotify in 2021.