Sunmi shares more new fantastical teaser images for ‘Tail’

She'd previously teased the tracklist, which features songs written by Sunmi herself

Sunmi has shared new images from her upcoming comeback project, ‘Tail’.

Earlier today (February 17), the K-pop veteran unveiled four new fantastical promotional pictures on Instagram with the caption, “What made think like this?”. The first two photos feature Sunmi in elaborate getups, including a celestial crown and a bright blue wig. Meanwhile, the other two images are close-up portraits of the singer. See them here:


The 28-year-old singer first teased her comeback in early February, with teaser images and a comeback schedule. The latter included the dates for the tracklist reveal, concept and spoiler photos and videos, music video teaser and more.

Check those out below.

On Valentine’s Day (February 14), Sunmi revealed the tracklist for her upcoming comeback. The release will feature two tracks – ‘Tail’ and ‘What The Flower’ – both written and co-composed by Sunmi herself.

Take a look at the tracklist below.


‘Tail’ will mark the former Wonder Girls member’s first solo comeback since ‘Pporappippam’ in 2020. Last year, she also released a duet with J.Y. Park called ‘When We Disco’ and dropped the song ‘Gotta Go’ for the South Korean drama series XX.

Wonder Girls disbanded in 2017 and Sunmi subsequently returned to her solo music career, which she first launched in 2013 with ’24 Hours’. The singer signed with with Makeus Entertainment (now known as Abyss Company) after the girl group broke up, and has since released popular songs such as ‘Lalalay’ and ‘Gashina’.

Her fellow Wonder Girls members – including Yubin, Yeeun and Hyerim – have all since signed with other companies and launched solo careers in music and acting.

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