Sunset Rollercoaster are working on a soundtrack for a Netflix anime

The Taiwanese band also shed light on their plans for a collaborative seven-inch single in a new interview

Sunset Rollercoaster are hard at work composing music for an upcoming Netflix anime, a new interview with the Taiwanese band has revealed.

According to a Chinese-language interview with Vogue Taiwan published May 5, the band are working on the soundtrack – and a theme song – for an upcoming Netflix anime.

The story also revealed that the group have plans to release a collaborative seven-inch single with an “overseas band”, and hope to find a non-Taiwanese director to helm a music video for the aforementioned track.


The release would not be the band’s first release in the seven-inch format: in 2016, Sunset Rollercoaster put out ‘Travel Agency / cry for the moon’ with Japanese indie rockers Siamese Cats.

Guitarist and vocalist Kuo-Hung Tseng also reflected in the interview on Sunset Rollercoaster’s new ventures, telling Vogue Taiwan that he had been encouraging members to explore other things beyond music. “I always felt it was better that the band was not overly exposed – in Taiwan’s environment, it’s better that we weren’t continuously performing, so audiences wouldn’t get tired of us,” he explained.

“Having experiences producing, acting, playing instruments and living life, it helps us gain energy to make interesting music,” he added.

Sunset Rollercoaster’s last studio album was 2020’s ‘Soft Storm’, which took the band out of yacht rock territory and into the realm of quiet storm R&B. “We were all like music nerds really digging into the ‘correct’ sound of making music. But I’m kind of tired, feeling a bit bored about making the same music over and over again,” Tseng said of the change in artistic direction in an NME interview last year.

‘Soft Storm’ included the track ‘Under The Skin’, as well as their collaboration with Hyukoh’s Oh Hyuk, ‘Candlelight’.