Sunset Rollercoaster drop ‘Little Balcony’ EP with Phum Viphurit, announce four upcoming collaborative mini-EPs

The five mini-releases will form their upcoming compilation album, ‘Infinity Sunset Compilation’ in August

Sunset Rollercoaster have dropped a new mini-EP with Phum Viphurit, ‘Little Balcony’.

The EP features the artists presenting two different takes of the titular track. According to a press release, the tracks speak about the idea of examining the space of one’s inner mind. The Taiwanese band deliver a groovy, indie-rock take on the song, while Viphurit’s version is a more soothing affair, with relaxed, bossa-nova-esque guitars.

“You know it’s really hard to say so you meditate two times everyday / You don’t know how soon it’s gonna rain, so don’t hesitate to get on your way / Or baby say you’re gonna stay here on my little balcony,” the verse goes.


Watch the music video for ‘Little Balcony’ here:

‘Little Balcony’ is one of five mini EPs scheduled to be released by the Taiwanese band, which will collectively form a compilation album that will drop on August 19. Each mini-release will feature different collaborators, and will be released as split singles on 7-inch vinyl.

These mini EPs include ‘Chicago’ with fellow Taiwanese artist Layton Wu, ‘Subtropical South’ with American artist Michael Seyer, ‘Posture and Attitude’ with Edison Song and Korean singer-songwriter O3ohn, and ‘Impossible Isle’, which will feature Japanese indie rock quintet Never Young Beach. These releases will be out July 22, July 29, August 5, and August 12 respectively.

“Time has turned our rollercoaster into a scenic train, crossing borders as music lovers and fellow musicians jumping on without minding the gap, exchanging stories of life and music,” the band commented on the nature of the release in a press release.

“From the observation window in the last car, they share the scenery from their memories. The friendships made on this journey have now been etched into a set of five 7-inch vinyl split singles, like five clocks whose hands always point to the magic hour.”


The band are also scheduled to head on a 23-date North American tour in October and November, which will include dates in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Sunset Rollercoaster’s most recent release was the single ‘Complaints of Taurus’, which the band dropped last May. Last December, frontman Kuo teamed up with Thai singer-songwriter Numcha for the Christmas-themed track, ‘Merry Midnight’.

Last year, the band contributed to the soundtrack of the Netflix anime, Sonny Boy. Sunset Rollercoaster also won best band at 2021’s Golden Melody Awards, beating out names that included OVDS, Constant & Change, Accusefive, Outlet Drift, Sheng Xiang & Band and deca joins.

Meanwhile, Phum Viphurit is scheduled to play in Singapore later this year for Esplanade’s Mosaic Music Series. His show will take place on October 23 at the Esplanade Concert Hall, and joins other artists in the series’ other bookings, including Say Sue Me, Sobs, and Boy Pablo.

The tracklist for Sunset Rollercoaster’s ‘Infinity Sunset Compilation’ is:

1. Sunset Rollercoaster – ‘Little Balcony’
2. Phum Viphurit – ‘Little Balcony’
3. Layton Wu – ‘Miss You’
4. Paul Cherry – ‘Between Me And Chicago’
5. Sunset Rollercoaster – ‘Jellyfish’
6. Michael Seyer – ‘Manilla Sunset’
7. Edison Song – ‘Cause U’
8. O3ohn – ‘RunRun’
9. Sunset Rollercoaster – ‘Impossible Isle’
10. Never Young Beach – ‘こんにちは’