Sunset Rollercoaster share soft rock cover of the Mandopop hit ‘小薇’ (‘Xiao Wei’)

The Taiwanese band put their own spin on the romantic 2000s classic

Sunset Rollercoaster have released a cover of the iconic Mandopop song, ‘小薇’ (‘Xiao Wei’).

The Taiwanese rock band dropped their languid, soft-rock version of the Adi composition, popularised by Taiwanese singer Huang Pin Yuan in 2002, on Sunday (June 6).

Listen to Sunset Rollercoaster’s cover of ‘小薇’, complete with keening synth solos, below.


Sunset Rollercoaster said of the cover on Instagram: “One summer day in middle school, you’re heading to school on the bus, with a girl you’ve secretly admired from another school.”

“As you depart, turning to say goodbye to the girl, the the door closes before you notice – and at that moment, you’re knocked dizzy, as a motorbike amidst the traffic runs into you. This song, ‘Xiao Wei’, is dedicated to my immature young self, and the shy her from back in the day.”

While ‘小薇’ was originally composed and performed by Adi ’N’ The Brothers in 2000, the track reached a larger audience when covered by Huang in 2002. Hear Huang’s version below:

Huang himself thanked Sunset Rollercoaster for covering the song in an Instagram story, praising the band for taking on a “whole new style” for the cover. “It stirred up a lot of memories,” he added.


The release of Sunset Rollercoaster’s ‘小薇’ cover follows the news last month that the band are currently working on a soundtrack and theme song for an upcoming anime series for Netflix.

The band’s 2020 album ‘Soft Storm’ clinched the fourth spot in NME’s 25 best Asian Albums of 2020 list. NME’s Daniel Peters praised the band for taking a risk in changing their formula to explore “a newly discovered passion for storytelling”.