Super Junior’s Donghae cameos in Rossa’s cinematic music video for ‘The Heart You Hurt’

The K-pop star showcases his dramatic skills in the video

Indonesian pop star Rossa has unveiled her music video for ‘The Heart You Hurt’, featuring an appearance by Super Junior’s Donghae.

The video, which premiered yesterday (March 31), was teased over the week, with Donghae’s involvement revealed in a series of clips.

The duo play a pair of long-time friends whose relationship is challenged when Rossa’s boyfriend, played by Indonesian actor Dion Wiyoko, breaks up with her without any warning or explanation.


Idyllic shots of Rossa in various scenic locations are featured, while Donghae is shown primarily in a bedroom. The Super Junior star does not sing in the track, although the music video ends off with a reassuring voicemail message left by his character.

Watch the full video below.

The video was produced by the artists’ respective teams, with Donghae’s scenes shot in his native South Korea. Both Donghae and Rossa are signed to SM Entertainment.

‘The Heart You Hurt’ was originally released as a single in 2020, with a version in Korean performed by Rossa. Watch it below.


While this is their first collaboration, Rossa is no stranger to Super Junior. During their Jakarta stop on a world tour in 2019, the singer performed with members Yesung & Ryeowook on a rendition of her song, ‘Tegar’.

The singer recently performed a virtual concert with fellow pop artist Afgan. In an Instagram post, Rossa thanked the 6,200 fans who tuned in.