Swanz, Vandalisma and more unite for Brunei remix of FORCEPARKBOIS’ ‘Lotus’

Following massive remixes by Malaysian and Singaporean rappers

Ten Brunei rappers have banded together to record and release a remix of Malaysian rap group FORCEPARKBOIS‘Lotus’.

The Brunei remix features verses from Swanz, Vandalisma, MZL, Nuuz0l, Supahmiyagi, WAZ, Troqy, Mancientry, Riff and ASMAI. The remix spans eight minutes and gives each rapper a chance to shine on the now-iconic FORCEPARKBOIS beat.

Watch the video for the Brunei remix of ‘Lotus’ below:


The all-Brunei take on the track is now the third posse-cut remix to drop since the original track released in February this year. The first “all star” remix featured Malaysian artists SonaOne, Dinho, Rudeen, Jaystation, Vertgin, Sxph, Ichu, F.Rider, Offgrid, Guccimith, and Addy Khayal.

The second was an all-Singaporean remix, featuring Fariz Jabba, Akeem Jahat, OmarKENOBI, MIIKOTHE13TH, AE$OP CA$H, Frank Loco, YHB Sleepsalot, Khally, Fakkah Fuzz and visuals by Kidmeddling.

Last week, Malaysian rapper and singer Zamaera released a remix of her own. Over the course of the track, she tackled a number of topics, ranging from her success and longevity in Malaysia’s rap scene to disrespect from her peers.

FORCEPARKBOIS first released ‘Lotus’ in February. The 15-member rap group from Taman Daya, Johor Bahru released four singles in 2020, and have yet to put out an EP or album.