Tabitha Nauser releases new single ‘Vices’

The Singaporean pop artist has a video – and more new music – on the way

Singaporean pop artist Tabitha Nauser has released the new single ‘Vices’.

On the track, Nauser sings over a sunny, keys-driven instrumental about struggling through “her twenty-something crisis” and following her own instincts instead of listening to misguided advice from others. “Now I gotta cut the line / Cuz everybody wastes my time / I’m sticking to my vices,” she sings on the chorus.

In a statement, Nauser – who Netflix viewers will recognise from season one of 2019 series Singapore Social – described ‘Vices’ as “a rebellious track”.


She added, “It’s about putting your own mental health at the forefront and doing what makes you feel good despite societal pressures and expectations. That in itself is rebellion because it’s about making the choice to go against the ‘norm’ or to change the narrative of what’s acceptable. It’s a track that makes me feel free and empowers me in knowing that I do know what’s best for me.’’

Listen to it below:

‘Vices’ came from songwriting camps Nauser attended in London and Los Angeles earlier this year, where she worked with producers and songwriters Dan Caplen, Aston Rudi and Tushar Apte, to name a few.

Apte, who has worked with BTS, BLACKPINK and Noah Cyrus, co-wrote and produced ‘Vices’. Others with writing credits on the new track are Louie Salmon and Zev Troxler.


A music video for ‘Vices’ is in the works. The song is Nauser’s second release on AntiFragile Music, following ‘Keep My Distance’, which arrived in September. The US- and UK-based label signed Nauser off her 2019 mini-EP ‘Things I Should’ve Said’, which she released independently after parting ways from Sony Music.

Nauser is due to release more new music in 2021.