2PM’s Taecyeon says he’s “uncertain” if the group will make a comeback this year

“Each member has something different in mind”

K-pop idol Taecyeon has revealed that the much-awaited comeback of 2PM might not happen this year.

Contrary to an earlier statement made by the group’s agency JYP Entertainment in January, Taecyeon told Korean publication Singles magazine that their return is still up in the air. “We are practicing, but it’s uncertain if it’ll happen this year. We are planning things, but because a lot of different situations are overlapping, I think it’s important that we organize first,” he said, as translated by Soompi.

The singer-turned-actor then explained that the delay is, in part, due to the group not seeing eye-to-eye on the direction of their new music as “all of the members write music [and] each member has something different in mind”.


“It’s not easy to decide what kind of music should be our title song or which direction we should go in,” Taecyeon added. “Things would go smoothly once the song is decided on, but the members haven’t had the chance to come to a decision.”

Taecyeon also revealed that “the recent first round of trying failed”, but assured that all six members are still looking forward to making a comeback in the future. “I think we need more time,” he noted.

When the comeback finally does happen, Taecyeon hinted that 2PM might veer away from the masculine style they are known for. “A lot of people remember us for that, but isn’t there a need for change since the members have grown? Members that were in their early-20s are now in their mid-30s, so the style of our team should also change,” he said.

Early this year, JYP Entertainment announced 2PM’s impending comeback in a statement, saying that preparations will begin after Junho’s military discharge in March. The boyband went on hiatus in 2016, after the release of their sixth studio album ‘Gentlemen’s Game’, due to the members’ mandatory military service.

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