Taeyeon says she would “love” to tour with Girls’ Generation again

The singer also opened up about the pressures of a solo career

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon has revealed that she misses performing with the iconic K-pop group.

In a recent interview with #legend Magazine, the South Korean singer reflected on her solo career, the difference between performing by herself and with a group, and her hopes of a possible Girls’ Generation reunion in the future.

“I miss [performing with the rest of Girls’ Generation] so much,” said Taeyeon. “When I first went solo, I was so scared and it made me think about the girls a lot.” The singer had made her solo debut with the mini-album ‘I’ and its titular single in 2015, eight years into her career with the girl group.


Later in the interview, Taeyeon opened up about how she struggled as a soloist in the beginning. “I had mixed feelings and felt pressure that I had to lead a whole performance alone, while [in the group] I could rely on the other members while I was performing with them. So in the beginning, I couldn’t fully enjoy performing alone,” she said.

Although Taeyeon is now more used to performing by herself, she also expressed her desire to perform with Girls’ Generation again someday. “If I get the chance, I would love to do a concert tour with Girls’ Generation again. If we can,” she said.

As one of the biggest role models for younger K-pop artists, the singer also imparted advice to her industry juniors: “As a singer you’re in the public eye. It’s easy to get hurt and much of your private life can come to light, so it’s really important to brace yourself and stay strong.”

The group debuted in 2007, and has been on an indefinite hiatus since October 2017. This followed the departure of members Tiffany, Sooyoung and Seohyun from SM Entertainment. After ten years together as K-pop’s most iconic girl-group, they are now focused on their solo careers.

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