Taiwanese psychedelic band Mong Tong announce new album, ‘Orientations’

Their 2020 debut ‘Mystery’ was one of NME’s best Asian albums of 2020

Taiwanese psychedelic band Mong Tong have announced a new album, ‘Orientations’, due for release later this year.

This will be their full-length sophomore release following last year’s ‘Mystery’, which was one of NME’s best Asian albums of 2020.

Mong Tong announced the album on Instagram yesterday (July 28) with a grid collage forming its official artwork. ‘Orientations’ is set for release on September 23, they reveal.


News about the album was first unveiled by the French-Chinese label WV Sorcerer Productions. The label released a disorienting visual last Saturday (July 24) with a brief snippet of new music.

Mong Tong 夢東 – Orientations 向位 Trailer

▼WV059: Mong Tong 夢東 – Orientations 向位A voyage far beyond.Pre-order very soon.

Posted by WV Sorcerer Productions on Friday, July 23, 2021

Mong Tong comprise brothers and multi-instrumentalists Hom Yu and Jiun Chi. In the band’s official bio, they list a mysterious third member 仝. In a 2020 Bandcamp interview, Go Kurosawa, owner of label Guruguru Brain and member of Japanese psych-rock band Kikagaku Moyo, spoke of this third member as an enigma.

“The brothers are very much down-to-earth when we talk,” he says. “But there’s this transcendental member of the group called 仝 that seems to be an incorporeal life form of some kind. We really have no idea about it.”

In May, Mong Tong reissued two prior cassette releases under a new compilation, ‘Music from Taiwan Mystery’. The music serves as a soundtrack to their art book series 台灣謎景 Taiwan Mystery, which is a collection of Taiwan’s cultural and mystic attractions, including special temples, purgatory facilities, and Buddhist mummies.


For their 2020 debut album, Mong Tong explored ancient Asian superstitions and retro-futuristic sounds steeped in video game music and psychedelia. NME’s Azzief Khaliq called ‘Mystery’ a “multi-layered”, “psychedelic” and “mysterious album”.