Taiwanese singer 9m88 shares tracklist of new album ‘9m88 Radio’ with cinematic trailer

Collaborators on the Taiwanese singer's new album include American rapper Oddisee and South Korean singer-songwriter and producer SUMIN

Taiwanese singer-songwriter 9m88 has revealed the tracklist for her upcoming album ‘9m88 Radio’ with a cinematic new trailer that outlines the concepts behind its songs.

In the album trailer, released July 6, the title of each track is accompanied by a scene that reflects its mood and concept. In the scene for ‘Love Is So Cruel’, for instance, 9m88 – dressed in a outfit that resembles a wedding dress – looks in on someone in a car, while ‘Friend Zone’ is represented by a blue sky and 9m88 dancing joyously.

The tracklist shows that two tracks from ‘9m88 Radio’ have already been released: ‘A Merry Feeling’ with Layton Wu, and ‘Tell Me’, which involved Sendai producer-DJ Mitsu The Beats. Both songs were shared in 2021.


The tracklist also reveals the other collaborations on the album, including American rapper Oddisee and South Korean singer-songwriter and producer SUMIN. Several notable guest producers feature on the album, including film composer Chia-Lun Yue, who worked in the sound department for 2019 drama series The World Between Us and the 2020 comedy movie Workers.

Watch the trailer for ‘9m88 Radio’ below.

9m88’s sophomore album ‘9m88 Radio’ is set to be released on August 8. It’s described as a reflection of the singer’s “current stage” of life, which she called on social media “self-affirmative and sentient”.

The announcement followed two singles from 9m88 earlier this year in the form of her collaborative cover of Madonna’s ‘Material Girl’ with Joanna Wang, and ‘Dear Astrologist’, a collaboration with rapper Kumachan. Both tracks will not appear on the album.

9m88’s debut full-length LP ‘Beyond Mediocrity’ was released in 2019 and featured a collaboration with Taiwanese singer Leo王.

9m88’s ‘9m88 Radio’ album tracklist is:

  1. ‘Whatchu Gonna…?’ (produced by Rainbow Chan)
  2. ‘Tell Me’ (produced by Mitsu the Beats)
  3. ‘Sleepwalking’ (featuring and produced by SUMIN)
  4. ‘Love Is So Cruel’ (produced by Arthur Moon)
  5. ‘A Merry Feeling’ (produced by Layton Wu)
  6. ‘:-D’
  7. ‘Friend Zone’ featuring Oddisee (produced by StarRo)
  8. ‘:’-(‘
  9. ‘Dark Night / Sunlight’ (produced by Chia-Lun Yue)
  10. ‘Prelude to A Star*’
  11. ‘Star’ (produced by Silas Short)