Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker dissects ‘The Slow Rush’ in new podcast

'The Slow Rush: A Deep Dive with Kevin Parker' marks the first anniversary of the record

A new podcast sees Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker share insight into the group’s latest album ‘The Slow Rush’.

The record – Tame Impala’s fourth – was released a year ago today (February 14).

In The Slow Rush: A Deep Dive with Kevin Parker, the musician shares stories behind the record’s songs with host Linda Marigliano.


“This was the first time Kevin had opened his laptop and played back sessions to show us what the songs from The Slow Rush are made of,” an official synopsis reads. “This is a slice into one of the world’s best contemporary songwriting and production brains.

“During the in-depth chat, experience The Slow Rush album from a different perspective as Parker shares his approach to writing, recording, production; and the sentiments and stories behind the songs.”

The 38-minute podcast was recorded in February 2020 in Los Angeles, following the album’s release.


Asked during the episode when he felt the happiest as an artist, Parker said: “I’m tempted to say the start of every song that I’m working on. When I start a new song, I feel on top of the world and I feel anything any artist needs to feel.


“It’s difficult to get that high again ever in the life of a song and performing it. When I play ‘The Less I Know The Better’ live now, in a weird surface kind of level pop success way, I feel the most accomplished cos I feel like I’m playing a pop hit – even though it wasn’t a chart hit.” Listen to the podcast above now.

In a four-star review, NME said of ‘The Slow Rush’: “As far as follow-ups to an earth-shattering run of albums go, though this is much more than just a solid return. It is, overall, an exhilarating listen. Tame Impala are unlikely to lose any fans by embracing Parker’s pop sensibilities – genres are history, man – but you have to admire their wilful desire to push into new directions.”

Meanwhile, Internet Money’s Taz Taylor said last month that he had been working with Parker. The founder of the hip-hop collective said he had been “on FaceTime with [the musician] last night” in an interview.

“We’re working, we’re doing some good stuff,” he added. He also tweeted a screenshot of the FaceTime call.