Taylor Swift says her diaristic songwriting style was “unsustainable” for her future

"On my bad days, I would feel like I was loading a canon of clickbait"

Taylor Swift has spoken about how a songwriting shift on ‘Folklore’ and ‘Evermore’ gave her “a real breakthrough moment of excitement and happiness”.

The star released ‘Evermore’, her second album of 2020, on Friday (December 11) after announcing it only hours earlier.

Speaking to Zane Lowe in a preview of an upcoming interview for the Apple Music Awards 2020, Swift discussed how her old “diaristic” writing style affected her life. “There was a point that I got to as a writer who only wrote very diaristic songs that I felt it was unsustainable for my future moving forward,” she said.


“It felt too hot of a microscope. On my bad days, I would feel like I was loading a canon of clickbait, when that’s not what I want for my life.

“I think that when I put out ‘Folklore’, I felt like if I can do this thing where I get to create characters in this mythological American town or wherever I imagine them, and I can reflect my own emotions onto what I think they might be feeling and I can create stories and characters and arcs, I don’t have to have it feel like when I put out an album I’m just giving tabloids ammunition and stuff.”

She continued to explain that this new style of writing made her feel that she would be able to “maintain a place of good mental health and emotional health and all that”. “I saw a lane for my future and that was a real breakthrough moment of excitement and happiness,” she said.

Swift also described releasing ‘Evermore’ as giving her a “feeling of quiet conclusion and this weird serenity of we did what we set out to do”. Watch the preview above ahead of the full interview on December 15.


Earlier today (December 13), the musician marked her 31st birthday by sharing a remix of ‘Evermore’ track ‘Willow’. Dubbed the “dancing witch” version, the reworking was produced by Elvira Anderfjärd.