Taylor Swift praises Justin Vernon’s “stunning” new Big Red Machine track

Vernon unveiled 'Latterdays' last week

Taylor Swift has praised Bon Iver‘s Justin Vernon after he shared a new track under his Big Red Machine guise.

In the latest instalment of his “Visit With Vernon” voting campaign, Vernon played a song called ‘Latterdays’ to a voter in his native Wisconsin, which is considered to be a swing state ahead of November’s US presidential election.

“One of the ways I communicate is with music,” he explains in the new video. “I wanted to play you this song. A friend of mine named Anaïs Mitchell, she wrote all these words. I thought I would play it for you, if that’s cool? So, it’s called ‘Latterdays.’


“To me, I think about what it’s going to feel like in the future when we look back and we wonder if we did enough.”


Praising Vernon, with whom she recently collaborated on ‘Folklore’, Swift wrote on Twitter: “Stunning and important. So much love and respect for @boniver.”

This latest effort comes after Vernon paid tribute to the late Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg earlier this month with the song ‘Your Honor’.

“She just opened so many doors for so many people, that people don’t even understand or realise and her service to the nation I think is still sort of underestimated,” he wrote.


Vernon has been an outspoken supporter of the Democratic Party ahead of the November 4 election.