Taylor Swift surprises independent record stores by shipping signed ‘Folklore’ CDs

Demand for the limited number of signed CDs was, unsurprisingly, extremely high

Taylor Swift surprised a number of independent record stores in the US yesterday (August 20) by shipping them signed CD copies of her recent album ‘Folklore’.

Released last month, ‘Folklore’ features collaborations with Bon Iver and The National‘s Aaron Dessner and last week enjoyed a third consecutive week at the top of the UK albums chart.

A number of independent record stores in the US reported receiving limited shipments of ‘Folklore’ CDs yesterday, all of which had been signed by Swift herself.


As Variety reports, the stores that received the limited stock of signed CDs were said to have paid normal wholesale price, and most if not all of the retailers then sold them on to fans and customers at a regular price.

Speaking to Billboard, Strictly Discs owner Angie Roloff in Madison, Wisconsin explained how her store got involved.


“Yesterday, I got an email from our Universal rep that we were one of the stores that had been chosen to receive 30 autographed Taylor Swift CDs,” she said. “We weren’t permitted to talk about it until the CDs were in hand, and then we could post socially about it so folks could come and find us. And the other requirement was it has to be just local customers, not just shipping them to people outside of our immediate area. So today has been the day of Taylor Swift frenzy, which was actually quite fun.”

Roloff added that all 30 of the store’s allotted signed CDs had sold out within 40 minutes, saying: “You realise just how popular she is when you see something like that.”

“I’ve been getting messages on Instagram, ‘Your phone is busy.’ And it’s like, ‘Yes, cause I think there’s probably 100 people trying to call us right now,'” she said.

Earlier this week, Swift donated £23,000 towards the tuition fees of an aspiring mathematician in the UK.