Tech N9ne says Machine Gun Kelly “broke every rule” on tour

"He’s a wild boy"

Tech N9ne has opened up about an early tour with Machine Gun Kelly, which he claims saw the rapper “break every rule”.

The pair hit the road together for a mammoth 99 shows in 104 days in 2012, which saw them make it into the Guiness World Records.

Recalling his time with MGK, N9ne told HipHopDX’s Hack3d: “MGK broke every rule. He’s a wild boy. We almost didn’t get to come back to venues because of MGK.


“I’m talking about food fights in the lunch rooms during the day, you know what I’m saying? Everything man, climbing up, breaking shit. That was the year I went to his 21st birthday, and then the next year I went to his 22nd birthday party. I think they were both in Vegas too, so I was with him early on.”

Speaking about the amount of shows they performed, he added: “Holy shizer. I’m telling you, the last couple of days we were so delirious, we were forgetting the words. My people who do the booking, they know we gotta have a break, especially how we do shows. We don’t just stand on stage grabbing our crotch, you know what I’m sizzling? We really out there cardio life.

“All that 99 shows in 104 days, we did it, me and MGK, never again. We proved it, we can do it … I’m sure it was recorded because nobody’s ever done that. The calibre of show we do, oh man, I was skin and bones after that tour.”

Meanwhile, MGK dropped the music video for his recently released track ‘Love Race’, featuring Kellin Quinn and Travis Barker, earlier today.


‘Love Race’ arrived back in April and marked Kelly’s second single of the year. The music video takes a leaf from classic slasher films, with a group of teenagers getting picked off one by one by a masked killer while at a summer camp.


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