Watch Television Off’s moody video for new single, ‘Aight’

The track is the Thai band’s fourth release of 2022

Thai indie rock band Television Off have released their latest single, ‘Khaaep Laawy Hai Bpen Baaep Nee’ (‘Aight’).

The melancholic track was accompanied by the release of its accompanying music video on the YouTube channel for the band’s record label, SMALLROOM Music. Directed by SADTRASHSOUL, the gritty video depicts each member of the quartet entangled in compromising and shady settings, including debauchery in a nightclub, an illicit relationship and apprehension by the police.

Watch the music video below:


The track is Television Off’s sixth release under SMALLROOM Music, and their fourth release of the year overall. In May, the band released their debut EP ‘Pains of Being A Muggle’. The 6-track release consisted of singles they had released since 2020, including 2021’s ‘Fun Thi Mai Plotphai’ (‘Insecure Dreams’). “It’s about how we want our dream to be a safe place for us, where we can hide away from the real world,” guitarist Suphachok Thititippaya told NME of the track.

The band is slated to perform at this year’s edition of Bangkok’s Monster Music Festival, which boasts a lineup of over 60 artists, which includes Phum Viphurit, MILLI and artists from Thailand’s Def Jam roster such as Pradaa, Artrilla and Ironboy.

Television Off – which consists of Nattawut Jumjod (vocals/guitar), Suphalap Thititippaya (guitar), Suphachok and Jeerawat Intarapituk (bass) – began their career in 2020 with the release of their first single, ‘Gaan Deern Thaang Thee Mai Mee Thaang’.