Television Off turn to dreams for safety in new single ‘Insecure Dreams’

A new dream pop tune from the Thai band

Thai band Television Off have released their latest single, ‘Fun Thi Mai Plotphai’ (‘Insecure Dreams’).

The dream pop tune arrived last week (July 14) with a music video about one’s literal dreams coming true. The inspiration behind the track stemmed from using sleep as a form of escape, guitarist Suphachok Thititippaya told NME.

“The presence of someone in our dream could bring happiness to us. But then again, sometimes, it’s the thing that hurts us when we’re awake – like an endless loop that brings us both sorrow and happiness,” he said.


“It’s about how we want our dream to be a safe place for us, where we can hide away from the real world,” the musician added.

Watch the music video here, and stick around to the end to watch Television Off perform the song:

‘Fun Thi Mai Plotphai’ is the quartet’s second single of 2021 and their fourth since they debuted. It is also the four-piece’s first release under their new label SMALLROOM Music.

Television Off – composed of Nattawut Jumjod (vocals/guitar), Suphalap Thititippaya (guitar), Suphachok and Jeerawat Intarapituk (bass) – launched their music career as a band in 2020.