Terrible People release ‘Derby’, first single from new album ‘Home, In A Way’

The Singaporean emo outfit's new album drops this week

Singaporean emo outfit Terrible People have released a new single entitled ‘Derby’.

The track – which arrived on streaming platforms Friday (June 4) – is the first taste of the band’s upcoming second studio album, ‘Home, In A Way’. The eight-track album is out this Friday (June 11).

Listen to ‘Derby’ below.


‘Home, In A Way’ is the follow-up to 2019’s ‘Like Clean Air’, which featured tracks like ‘Peachy’, ‘Any Fourteen’ and ‘Perks Of Being A Shitface’. Since the release of that album, Terrible People, formerly a four-piece, have become the trio of Alif, Joshua and Hadi.


The new record is expected to tackle topics such as inebriation, mental well-being and personal inadequacies, and will tell the story of “the pains and realisations of a life that cannot return to a past; and an understanding of how things are they way they are”, the band said via a press release.

Last year, Terrible People appeared on Tired Records’ 2020 compilation album ‘Pick Of The Lot!’, contributing a cover of fellow Singaporean outfit Long Live The Empire’s ‘Loveless’. The album also included a cover of Terrible People’s ‘Peachy’ by cues, and other contributions from bands such as Forests, Mediocre Haircut Crew and Cosmic Child.


The tracklist of Terrible People’s ‘Home, In A Way’ is:

  1. ‘Gone Now’
  2. ‘Every Day’
  3. ‘The Movies’
  4. ‘Derby’
  5. ‘Annual Home Alone Reruns’
  6. ‘Courage’
  7. ‘Juniper’
  8. ‘Slow Blinking’