Thai indie rockers TaitosmitH team up with MAIYARAP for new single, ‘Follow It’

TaitosmitH released their sophomore album in February this year

Thai indie six-piece TaitosmitH have released a collaborative single with rapper MAIYARAP titled ‘ตามนั้น’ or ‘Follow It’.

Released by label Yupp! Entertainment on July 18, the single sees TaitosmitH construct a hard-hitting rock track that blends in MAIYARAP’s verse with an urgent and insistent acoustic guitar riff that’s backed by driving drums and delayed guitars. “I’m a straight-up person, if you don’t like it, I don’t like sass / I’m not good at it, but my heart tells me to fight, and I don’t know if I can handle it / But if I put it on, I’ll give it to you / You just keep poking at me,” MAIYARAP raps on his verse, before the two acts join together for a final chorus.

The single was released alongside a music video that appears to follow a fight between two men, beginning as a sword fight between the men wearing shirts and ties, before degenerating into a bare-knuckle brawl that sees them duking it out shirtless in true Fight Club-style.


Watch the music video for the SpatChies-produced ‘Follow It’ below.

TaitosmitH’s most recent release came in the form of their pro-LGBT single ‘Two Bastards’ in early June, which was accompanied by the message: “Even if people only stare at us, don’t care because what is the truth, is the truth, if you’re gay, you’re gay, if you’re male, if you’re female, whatever it is, it’s in our hearts.”

The band released their sophomore album ‘For My Life’ in February this year following a two-year period of relative silence that only saw them releasing one single in 2021’s 4KINGS film soundtrack, which featured fellow Thai artist D. Gerrard. The album notably included a collaboration with 88rising rapper MILLI, who featured on the track ‘Coyote’.

MILLI would go on to join TaitosmitH on the music video for ‘Coyote’, which was released on March 22.

TaitosmitH’s 2020 self-titled debut album was named one of NME’s 25 best Asian albums of 2020, with writer Chanun Poomsawai praising the band’s willingness to challenge social ills with unflinching honesty and “guitar-laden production designed to fill stadiums”.


Rapper MAIYARAP, also known as Nakalin Charunwittaya, is a part of the River Rhyme rap crew and first began releasing music with his 2014 mixtape ‘Long ago’. MAIYARAP has since released his debut EP ‘Popstar’ in 2021 following a string of successful singles including a collaboration with MILLI on ‘คนจะรวย’, which was part of the soundtrack for the 2020 Thai drama ‘The Graduates’.