Watch the empowering music video for Thai-Italian R&B singer SILVY’s debut single ‘XL’

'XL' is an unabashed body positivity anthem

Thai-Italian singer SILVY has released an empowering music video for her debut single ‘XL’.

‘XL’ – which arrived on streaming platforms today (August 20) – is a personal manifesto of sorts for SILVY – real name Silvy Pavida – and an unabashed body positivity anthem. The celebratory track is driven by a propulsive bass beat with pounding percussion.

‘XL’ also chronicles – per a press release – the artist’s past experiences with being forced to conform to her prior record labels’ ideal image, flesh out through lyrics like “People used to put me in a box / They made me something that I’m not”.


‘XL’ is accompanied by a music video that features SILVY and multiple plus-sized women embracing and celebrating their bodies and beauty, dancing in various settings.

Watch the video for ‘XL’ below.

SILVY said of the track via a press release: “I wanted to make a track about my story so far, and include [the] main theme of my life (body positivity). I had the time of my life working on this song.”

In a voice snippet shared on Spotify prior to the release of ‘XL’, SILVY spoke about the track’s themes: “This song ‘XL’ is all about confidence. I wanted to write a song that people can sing, dance, shake their booties to with pride – no matter what shape or size they are. I really share my personal story in this one, about the time I overcame my deepest insecurity”. Listen to the snippet here.


SILVY is an actress-singer who has appeared in television series such as Rearranged Love, Deceptive Marriage, and has performed on music shows like The Voice Thailand and The Masked Singer Thailand.