MILLI is a work of art in Thai singer Oat Pramote’s new music video for ‘Dai Yoo’

The collaboration appears on Oat Pramote's debut album 'Kaen'

Thai pop singer Oat Pramote has released the music video for his collaborative single with rapper MILLI called ‘Dai Yoo’.

The visual dropped today (April 22) via Khotkool Music’s official YouTube channel. Pramote plays an auctioneer at a lavish sale, where MILLI first appears as a work of art. She later steps out of the picture frame to mingle with Pramote and their dancers.

Watch the music video here:


The music video drops days after MILLI’s viral performance at Coachella on April 16. Taking the stage as part of 88rising’s Head In The Clouds Forever set, the rapper closed her four-song set with the song ‘Mango Sticky Rice’ and ate from a bowl of the beloved Thai dessert onstage.

MILLI’s stunt caused related hashtags – including #khanonieomamuang (or “mango sticky rice” – to trend on Thai social media, and a global spike in Google searches for “mango sticky rice”. Her performance also caused a dramatic uptick in mango sticky rice sales in Thailand, and may even lead to an official push for the dessert to be recognised by UNESCO as a cultural heritage element.

‘Dai Yoo’ is the first collaboration between MILLI and Pramote. It appeared as part of the latter’s debut album ‘Kaen’, released in February this year. The 10-track record also featured artists Zani and UrboyTJ on the songs ‘Kwam Rak Mai Koey Mee Yoo Jing’ and ‘Khoei Rak Chan Ching Mai’, respectively.

Oat Pramote – real name Pramote Pathan – is also an actor, DJ and host. He launched his music career in 2013.