Thaitanium drop surprise new single ‘F. Thaitay’

The follow-up to their controversial comeback single ‘Por Mueng’

Thai hip hop group Thaitanium have dropped a new track, ‘F. Thaitay’.

The song arrived Thursday (June 30) on all major streaming platforms via Def Jam Thailand. It was written by members Daboyway, Khan, SDthaitay and Big Calo who rap about their decades-old careers in the Thai rap scene. ‘F. Thaitay’ also contains a sample of ‘For Linda With Love (After Tchaikovsky’s ‘Swan Lake Suite, Op. 20a’)’ by The Broadway Moondust String Orchestra and Donald Michael Kasen.

Watch the visualiser for ‘F. Thaitay’ below:


‘F. Thaitay’ is the rappers’ second single of the year. It follows their comeback track and first single in five years ‘Por Mueng’ (‘Your Dad’), released in May. After the song’s release, however, it received backlash from listeners for its put-downs of new artists and lyrics that were criticised as misogynistic.

Thaitanium later issued an apology on social media saying that the track wasn’t created “to diss anyone.” “It was a song meant to entertain our fans who love music typical of Thaitanium and hip-hop. Whatever the case, we would like to apologise from the bottom of our hearts if the song offended you or let anyone down,” they said.