Thaitanium issue apology for comeback single ‘Por Mueng’: “We did not create it to diss anyone”

The Thai hip-hop group’s first single in five years, ‘Por Meung’ drew criticism for its put-downs of new artists and accusations of misogynistic lyrics

Hip-hop group Thaitanium have issued an apology for their comeback single ‘Por Meung’ days after its release, saying the song was not created “to diss anyone”.

Released last Friday, ‘Por Meung’ was the Thai hip-hop crew’s first single in five years. The track’s title means ‘Your Dad’, which according to a press release is a reference to how the 22-year-old rap group have been around for so long that they could be ‘your dad’. In a statement, member Khan called it “a classic Thaitay shit talking kind a track that ya’ll been missing”.

According to Coconuts, the song reportedly caused a furore among listeners who criticised the way its put-downs of newer artists. Its lyrics about how Thaitanium could “still fuck your bitches because I’m your daddy”, also drew accusations of misogyny.


On May 18, Thaitanium issued a statement on social media. After thanking those who responded positively to ‘Por Meung’, they addressed the blowback to the song.

“We did not create it to diss anyone, it was a song meant to entertain our fans who love music typical of Thaitanium and hip-hop,” he wrote, per Coconuts’ translation. “Whatever the case, we would like to apologise from the bottom of our hearts if the song offended you or let anyone down.”

The statement concluded with a note of encouragement, written in English, to new Thai hip-hop artists: “To all the Thai hip-hop artists that been holding it down, keep killin it!! The Thai hip-hop scene is very much alive and strong and Thaitanium couldn’t be more proud of all the young artists representing for Thailand.”


Thaitanium comprise members Daboyway (executive managing director of Def Jam Thailand, which released the song), Khan, SDthaitay, Djaybuddah and Big Calo. Their last album was 2017’s ‘N.O.W’. After that, they decided to go their separate ways due to the pandemic and past conflicts, but have since reunited.