The Avalanches team up with Leon Bridges on new track ‘Interstellar Love’

"Leon is an incredible singer, with just the most beautiful voice."

The Avalanches have shared ‘Interstellar Love’, a new collaboration with Leon Bridges from their upcoming album ‘We Will Always Love You’.

The track was inspired by the love affair between writer Ann Druyan and her late husband, the American cosmologist Carl Sagan. It also interpolates a sample from ‘Eye in the Sky’ by the Alan Parsons Project.

Describing the collaboration, the Avalanches’ Robbie Chater said: “Leon is an incredible singer, with just the most beautiful voice.


“He’s from Texas but we both happened to be in L.A. at the same time, which was lucky as he was on my all-time wish list. When we were in the studio, I told him the story about Ann Druyan and Carl Sagan and how her lovestruck brain waves were sent out into space on the Voyager’s Golden Record. And this song came out of that.”

Reflecting on the album cover, which features Druyan’s face, Chater recently told NME: “This record has a lot about who we are as people and what we’re made out of. We’re exploring different kinds of energy – whether it’s soundwaves, light or our energy as people. We fell in love with the story of how Ann and Carl met and fell for each other. They were chosen to compile different songs and sounds of planet earth to put on to this golden disc and send out in to the cosmos on the Voyager spacecraft in 1977.

“It was designed to last 1,000 years and it’s still out there floating around. The idea is that one day intelligent life will find it, discover it, and learn a little bit about planet earth. When they were compiling this record, they fell in love. She had planned to record her own heartbeat and put it on the golden record, but the day before she was due to do so he proposed to her. She realised that the sound of a young woman madly in love was captured forever on this golden record. Now it’s floating out there forever in the cosmos! We just thought that was the most beautiful idea.”

The new track follows the release of ‘Music Makes Me High’ and ‘Take Care In Your Dreaming’.