The Buildings to perform ‘Different Shades of Blue’ 100 times in one day

First released in 2016, the song will "gradually mutate as the band enters a state of boredom and fatigue"

Filipino band The Buildings are inviting fans to watch the band perform their single ‘Different Shades of Blue’ 100 times in a single day.

The performance, which will see the song “gradually mutate as the band enters a state of boredom and fatigue”, will be live-streamed on Facebook Live this November 17 starting at 2pm local time. The band have not indicated a set time for the stream to end.

The single is taken from The Buildings’ 2016 debut album ‘Cell-O-Phane’, and remains their most-streamed song on Spotify with over 100,000 listens to date.


The follow-up to ‘Cell-O-Phane’, The Buildings’ sophomore album ‘Heaven Is A Long Exhale’ in June 2021. Featuring tracks that were modified or written completely in lockdown, the record was named one of NME‘s 25 best Asian albums of 2021. Aldus Santos praised the album as a “more deliberate” work that captures the band’s process of maturing following the release of their debut record.

Speaking to NME about the band’s approach to their sophomore effort, vocalist Mariah Reodica explained that the band had to overcome the idea that their music had to be “two guitars, bass, and drums”. The change in ideology allowed the group to become more comfortable playing around in the studio, which enabled her to enjoy studio sessions “equally if not more than playing gigs.”

The group also notably held a virtual launch party in Minecraft‘s event space Club Matryoshka for ‘Heaven Is A Long Exhale’. The event space featured “an expansive, fantastic landscape inspired by the album”, with the launch itself doubling as a donation drive for Kapit Kamay – Alternative Learning Avenue for the Youth.

The band previously worked with Singapore label Middle Class Cigars to release the single ‘Room So Small’ and a music video for ‘Different Shades Of Blue’, and give ‘CELL-O-PHANE’ a limited tape reissue in 2019.