The Cribs on the songs they wrote for One Direction but kept for themselves

The Jarman brothers talk to NME about writing for 1D and counting Harry Styles as a fan

The Cribs have spoken to NME about the songs that they originally wrote for One Direction, but then kept for themselves.

The Wakefield trio first revealed that they were asked to write for the boyband back in 2015 after it emerged that they were fans of the Jarman brothers’ work.

Now, when speaking to NME for this week’s edition of Does Rock N’ Roll Kill Braincells?, The Cribs have explained what really went down.


“There were definitely conversations between our managements, and me and Ryan were supposed to go to Los Angeles and London to do some writing, but our schedules clashed,” Gary Jarman told NME.

“We actually had ‘Burning For No One’ and ‘An Ivory Hand’ earmarked for One Direction on a demo, but when the sessions never happened, we used them ourselves.”

When asked about the band’s notable famous fans, drummer Ross Jarman recalled: “Harry Styles was spotted on either his first date with Taylor Swift or meeting Taylor Swift’s mum. In the paparazzi shots, he was wearing a Cribs T-shirt.

“So he wanted to make a good impression!”

Back in 2013, Justin Young of The Vaccines worked with One Direction as a songwriter, when he said they bonded over their shared love of The Cribs.


After releasing their acclaimed eighth album ‘Night Network‘ last year, the band are currently set to head out on a UK tour this June.

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