The Cribs reveal how MySpace’s Tom Anderson once tried to sign them

"He wanted Ryan to teach him ‘Another Number’ on guitar"

The Cribs have revealed how MySpace co-founder Tom Anderson attempted to sign them at the height of their fame.

Appearing in NME’s latest edition of our weekly Does Rock ‘N’ Roll Kill Braincells?! quiz, the Wakefield trio revealed how the former social media boss even flew them to Los Angeles in an attempt to win them over in the mid-2000s.

“Tom from MySpace was a massive Cribs fan and tried to sign us,” said bassist Gary Jarman.


“He flew us to Los Angeles and made a huge pitch – it was global takeover stuff. And he wanted Ryan to teach him ‘Another Number’ on guitar, so we have a covert video of that!

He said to us: ‘If you sign to MySpace, I’ll make it so that everybody who signs up is automatically friends with Tom and The Cribs’.”

But despite Tom’s offer, the band weren’t entirely keen on being automatic friends with every single member of MySpace.

Ryan Jarman said: “We thought: That’s an awful idea! That’s a way to make people hate you!”

The Cribs
Credit: press

Anderson left MySpace in 2009, some four years after selling the company to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp for $580million (£423.5 million).


In the same interview, the band also revealed how they previously held discussions about the possibility of writing songs for One Direction.

“There were definitely conversations between our managements, and me and Ryan were supposed to go to Los Angeles and London to do some writing, but our schedules clashed,” said Gary.

“We actually had ‘Burning For No One’ and ‘An Ivory Hand’ earmarked for One Direction on a demo, but when the sessions never happened, we used them ourselves.”

After releasing their acclaimed eighth album ‘Night Network‘ last year, the band are currently set to head out on a UK tour this June.