Listen to The Cribs’ new “lost” single ‘Sucked Sweet’

Originally meant to appear on 'Night Network', the song's '90s-inspired video features a cameo from the Jarman brothers' mum

The Cribs have shared a new single called ‘Sucked Sweet’ – you can listen to it below.

Released today (November 19), the song is the third instalment in the Wakefield trio’s ‘Sonic Blew Singles Club’ series following last month’s ‘The Day I Got Lost Again’ and August’s ‘Swinging At Shadows’.

The Jarman brothers are dropping four two-track 7″ vinyl records between September and December. The physical editions boast previously unheard tracks from the ‘Night Network’ sessions, which were recorded at Dave Grohl‘s Studio 606 in Los Angeles.


These cuts feature on the A-side while home recordings made by The Cribs during lockdown will make up the B-sides.

Speaking about the latest “‘lost’ ‘Night Network’ track”, Gary Jarman said that ‘Sucked Sweet’ was originally meant to be the 13th song on the album.

“We always really loved it, but we ended up having to cut it right at the last minute cos of vinyl running times (it made the album too long, basically),” he continued. “We always felt kinda guilty about that, cos this song is one of the earliest ‘Night Network’ tracks, and ditching it felt like cutting an old friend from the guest list or something.

“Anyway, we are really happy that people get to hear it now, and that it has grown to become a single in its own right. A real Cinderella story, if you will.”

‘Sucked Sweet’ comes with a ’90s MTV-inspired official video, which was directed by Josh McCartney (nephew of Paul McCartney) and includes a cameo from The Cribs’ mother, Joan Jarman.


“When we noticed that the treatment called for an actor to play our mum, we were initially hesitant about that idea…I guess we just felt weird about it – no one can replace our mum!” the band said.

“And so it was decided that if we were gonna do that scene, then we had to have the real thing. Luckily she said yes when we asked, and totally killed it on the day! Plus, Paul was always her favourite Beatle, so the whole Josh thing was a trip for her. Love you Mum!”


As for the new single’s B-side, ‘Bad Dream’, Ryan Jarman explained that the song “was recorded in Ross’ garage, at the height of the pandemic in November 2020 as we were all together to launch ‘Night Network’ and trying to make the most of our time when all the record stores were closed!”

He continued: “It then sat unfinished until the vocals were recorded under duress in the hottest, stickiest bedroom in New York moments before England lost the finals of the Euros. It’s basically about how things that are supposed to be a dream can easily become a nightmare.”

You can find more information about The Cribs’ ‘Sonic Blew Singles Club’ here.

Meanwhile, the band are set to hit the road for a UK headline tour in March 2022. The stint includes performances at London’s Roundhouse, Manchester Academy and Brighton’s Chalk.

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