The Flaming Lips share festive new video for ‘A Change At Christmas (Say It Isn’t So)’

The new rendition of their 2003 song caps off an eventful year for the indie-rock titans

The Flaming Lips have shared a festive new video for their song ‘A Change At Christmas (Say It Isn’t So)’ – watch it below.

Originally featuring on their 2003 EP, ‘Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell’, the new rendition caps off an eventful year for the indie-rock titans.

“This NEW version began as just a selfie phone video that I was attempting to do with Baby Bloom,” Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne said in an Instagram post.


“And I..well.. it kept getting more and more elaborate and now it’s turned into a full fledged re-make.”

Alongside Steven Drozd on piano and bassist Michael Ivins, the video sees Coyne take centerstage in full Grinch makeup with his 15-month-old son, Bloom Bobby Coyne, on his lap as a sea of homemade confetti rains down.

Watch the new video for ‘A Change At Christmas (Say It Isn’t So)’ below:

Earlier this month, Coyne opened up about the group’s planned “space bubble” shows, reassuring fans how safe he think they’ll be.

Back in November, The Flaming Lips shared details of “the world’s first actual Space Bubble live concert”, enabling fans to see the band play live safely during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.


In a recent interview, Coyne opened up about the events, which were recently pushed back to January. Back in June, the group performed a show with an audience in bubbles on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

“I feel like our concerts, the way we’re doing it, it’s honestly safer than going to the fucking grocery store,” Coyne told Consequence Of Sound. “You go to the grocery store, and some people have masks on, but some people just act like there’s nothing going on. There’s nothing you can do about that.”

“A guy could be standing next to you and not think the coronavirus is real. I don’t want to get in a fight at the grocery store. So that part of it, I believe that we’re in control, and we would be the ones who say you have to put on a mask.”

He concluded: “It wouldn’t be up to another concertgoer. It would be up to the ones running the show. I wish more places were like that. I wish more places took control.”