The KLF add music to streaming services for very first time

The electronic duo's back catalogue hasn't been made available since 1992

The KLF have added a number of tracks from their back catalogue to streaming services for the very first time.

The British electronic duo (made up of Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty), who scored a series of global hits in the late 80s and early 90s, famously walked away from the music industry in 1992.

Their departure from the business followed an appearance at that year’s BRIT Awards, during which they fired machine gun blanks into the audience and then dumped a dead sheep at the aftershow party. With their exit, they discontinued their entire discography.


Drummond and Cauty went on to form The K Foundation, who in 1994 set fire to £1million, which was then made into the film Watch the K Foundation Burn a Million Quid.

In 2018, Billboard named The KLF (aka the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, the JAMs, and the Timelords) among the eight biggest acts that could not be found on streaming services.

However, this morning (January 1), nine of the duo’s old tracks appeared on all major streaming platforms as part of a greatest hits release entitled ‘Solid State Logik 1’.

The release of the music was announced via a number of posters featuring the KLF logo hung under railway bridge in London, in addition to graffiti referring to The KLF.

While Drummond and Cauty have not personally claimed responsibility to the graffiti, a photograph posted on Instagram by Cauty’s girlfriend shows him applying the paint.


The songs that have been made available to stream from The KLF are as follows:

‘Doctorin’ The Tardis’
‘What Time Is Love – Live at Trancentral’
‘3AM Eternal – Live at the S.S.L.’
‘Last Train To Trancentral – Live From The Lost Continent’
‘It’s Grim Up North’
‘America: What Time Is Love?’
‘Justified & Ancient’
‘3AM Eternal – From The Black Room (The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu vs Extreme Noise Terror)’

You can listen to the tracks below:

In addition to the audio versions of the songs, eight remastered video clips have now been added to YouTube, the music of which is provided with the official licenses.

In 2018, The KLF announced bizarre plans to build a pyramid with the ashes of 34,592 dead people.

The Liverpool duo said they were constructing what they dubbed a “People’s Pyramid” built from bricks fired with the ashes of dead people during a special event in Liverpool called ‘The Toxteth Day Of The Dead’.

According to their official website, each brick of the pyramid will be created through “MuMufication”, which is “the process whereby 23 grams of an individual’s ashes are fired in a brick (a Brick of Mu) and for this brick to become one of the 34,592 bricks of the People’s Pyramid”.

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