The Mountain Goats share soulful new single ‘Get Famous’

Taken from their 19th forthcoming album 'Getting Into Knives’

The Mountain Goats have shared ‘Get Famous’, the second single from their forthcoming 19th album ‘Getting Into Knives’.

The new “anti-fame” song is a soulful turn, fleshed out by horns and vintage organ, and references the late Chicago outsider musician Wesley Willis (“Wesley Willis told me how to write about you“).

In a press statement, frontman John Darnielle said, “If I told you all how much fun we had making this one you wouldn’t even believe me, but we hope it comes through.”


Listen to ‘Get Famous’ below.

‘Get Famous’ follows the upcoming album’s more brooding first single, ‘As Many Candles As Possible’ featuring American organist Charles Hodges – known for his work with Al Green.

Per the band’s Twitter, ‘Getting Into Knives’ was recorded in Memphis and March and will be released on October 23 through Merge.

It follows on from this year’s surprise album ‘Songs For Pierre Chuvin’, released in April. The ten-track album was released in John Darnielle’s North Carolina home on a Panasonic RX-FT500 tape deck, harking back to the band’s early days.

The bandleader said proceeds from that album would go directly to The Mountain Goats’ crew and collaborators, whose tour plans were put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.


“I dedicate this tape to everybody who’s waited a long time for the wheels to sound their joyous grind,” Darnielle said at the time of its release.

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