The National on working with Taylor Swift on ‘Evermore’: “It’s been the experience of a lifetime”

Swift dropped ninth studio album 'Evermore' today

The National‘s Aaron Dessner and Matt Berninger have opened up about their experience collaborating with Taylor Swift on her surprise new album, ‘Evermore‘.

On social media, The National frontman Berninger – who contributed to album cut ‘Coney Island’ – likened singing a song with Swift to “dancing with Gene Kelly”.

“She made me look good and didn’t drop me once… Such a blast being a part of ‘Evermore’.”


Swift responded on Twitter, saying that she “might print that out and hang it on my ‘most charming tweets’ wall.”

She added, “I’m a The National mega fan, I have all the merch, and making music with you is an absolute THRILL. Thanks a million.”

See their messages below:

Similarly, Dessner – who co-wrote and produced the majority of the album – posted on Instagram to say working on ‘Evermore’ had been “the experience of a lifetime”.

“These songs are wilder and freeer [sic], sometimes in strange time signatures and darker hues, but very much a continuation of what we started with ‘Folklore’.


“I never cease to wonder at her seemingly boundless talent as a singer and a songwriter and storyteller.”

The National were also contributors to Swift’s July surprise drop, eighth studio album ‘Folklore’.

Swift released her ninth studio album ‘Evermore’ today (December 11), which, as well as The National, featured collaborative tracks with Haim and Bon Iver.

The “sister record” to ‘Folklore”, fans were quick to take to the internet in support of Swift’s latest surprise effort.

To coincide with the release of ‘Evermore’, Swift also dropped its first official single, ‘Willow’, with a self-directed music video.

Picking up where her ‘Folkore’ cut ‘Cardigan’ left off, the video for ‘Willow’ sees Swift embark on another fantastical adventure.

In the YouTube chat before the album’s premiere, Swift revealed the meaning behind the video, saying, “One scene represents how I feel about fame”.

“There’s a scene to represent each season throughout the journey of the video,” she said.

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