The Panturas share ‘All I Want’, a romantic short film with a grim twist

It shares a title with a song from the Indonesian garage rock band's new album ‘Ombak Banyu Asmara’

Indonesian garage rock band The Panturas have unveiled a short film titled All I Want, named after the track from their latest album ‘Ombak Banyu Asmara’, which was released on September 10.

Last Friday (September 24), the band premiered the 13-minute film, which is set in Jakarta in the 80s. It follows the character Anwar (Dimas Danang), who visits Ida (Prisia Nasution) at her restaurant in an attempt to pursue a relationship with her. Despite her firm refusal, Anwar tells Ida he’s willing to do anything to prove his love. This seems to change Ida’s mind, and the duo dance to the titular Panturas song playing on the radio.

However, Ida leads Anwar into the back room of the eatery, where her dark past is revealed and his declaration of love is put to the test.


All I Want was directed by Edy Khemod, who also drums in metal band Seringai. Watch the short film below.

The short film was inspired by the real-life Setiabudi 13 murder and dismemberment case, which happened in 1981 and remains unsolved.

“Setiabudi 13 is a case that is still a mystery to this day,” Panturas drummer Surya Fikri Asshidiq said in a press statement.

“Who was the killer, what was the motive, why it was like that, no one will ever know. Because there is such a gray area, we thought it would be interesting if we came together with Khemod to make a fictional story out of a real incident.”

Ida’s backstory in the short also draws from Indonesia’s dark period of mass killings between 1965 and 1966.


“While we were developing the story, we realised that [its message] turned out to be [that] violence breeds violence,” Khemod explained in a statement.

“It is difficult to break the chain of the cycle of violence, so it should be avoided. And although the fictional style of this film contains the question, that there is a past that continues to be hidden, and we are never exposed as a nation every time we face that problem. So, it is not impossible that bloody events like in this film can be realised in real life.

Earlier this year, The Panturas released a music video for the single ‘Tafsir Mistik’ that was inspired by classic vampire films like Nosferatu and Isle Of The Dead.

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