The Ransom Collective release first new single in three years, ‘3 AM’

The band's last release was their May 2019 single ‘I Don’t Care’

Filipino indie rockers The Ransom Collective have released their first new material in three years with the single ‘3 AM’.

The track was released on streaming platforms on October 29 and sees the band tackling themes of struggling to let go and the growth that comes with the process. In a statement, vocalist Kian Ransom explains: “Personally, I’ve struggled with trying to force things into being what I want or hope for them to be, rather than accepting things for what they really are. It’s easy to develop tunnel vision and not realise that blind spots are being developed.”

“The more resistant I am, the more entrenched I become, and eventually it blows up. Recently, through a mix of experiences, I became aware of this pattern and am learning to be more honest and vulnerable with myself and others.”


Listen to ‘3 AM’ below.

The Mikey Amistoso- and Marco De Leon-produced single also features a horn section in a first for the band.

‘3 AM’ follows their May 2019 single ‘I Don’t Care’, which preceded the band going on hiatus as its members worked on their own solo projects. Lily Gonzales released her debut solo album in November last year, which included her previously released singles ‘You Took My Heart’‘Till Then’‘By The Sea’ and ‘Sail Away’, while violinist Muri released her debut solo track ‘Thunder’ in July 2021 ahead of her debut EP, ‘Somewhere-in-Between’.

The Ransom Collective announced their debut with a five-track self-titled EP in 2014. In 2017, they released their first full-length album, ‘Traces’.