The Ransom Collective’s Lili releases second solo single ‘Till Then’

Set to appear on her debut solo album ‘Sunchild’

Lili – aka Lily Gonzales of Filipino indie folk band The Ransom Collective – has dropped her second solo single titled ‘Till Then’.

The track, released today (June 9), is a full orchestral track with an ensemble that included horns, saxophone, electric guitar, bass, drums, organ, piano, and acoustic guitar. It follows her debut single ‘Summer’, which came out earlier this April.

Listen to ‘Till Then’ here:


Both tracks will be part of the singer’s debut album ‘Sunchild’, due out this August. The upcoming record is described as a “coming-of-age story”, narrating Lili’s adventures back in Indonesia in 2020, where she was stuck in during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, Lili will be performing for local non-profit organisation Gawad Kalinga’s online benefit concert on June 12 alongside other local acts Johnoy Danao, Joey Ayala, Waway Saway and more.

Before launching her solo music career, Lili was known as the keyboardist and backing vocals for The Ransom Collective. The band is rounded out by Kian Ransom (vocals/guitars), Jermaine Choa Peck (vocals/percussion), Leah Halili (vocals/bass), Redd Claudio (drums), and her sister Muriel Gonzales (violin).

The Ransom Collective debuted with a five-track self-titled EP in 2014. In 2017, they released their first full-length album called ‘Traces’ and later followed it up with the single ‘I Don’t Care’ in 2019.