The SIGIT announce new documentary series, ‘Footnote’

The first season will premiere this Friday

Indonesian rock band The SIGIT have announced a new documentary series titled Footnote.

The band announced the series via a new teaser trailer on YouTube yesterday (September 28). It includes past clips from the band’s archives, as well as newly recorded interviews and stories from the quartet.

Check out the teaser for The SIGIT’s Footnote below.


Footnote, mining “hours of tape and rack[s] of stories”, will offer fans a deeper look at the band’s past escapades. It will include previously unseen footage from The SIGIT’s history such as live performances and backstage hijinks, as well as newly recorded interviews.

The first season will begin airing this Friday (October 2) exclusively on Indonesian content platform Pitchplay for a limited time. Per Pitchplay’s description of Footnote, the first season will consist of four episodes that chronicle the band’s journey in the early 2000s.

It is currently unclear if all four episodes will be released simultaneously, or if they will follow a release schedule.

The SIGIT formed in 2002 as a way to pay homage to the band’s influences from the ‘70s. The band quickly built a following through weekly invite-only garage gigs, which per the band’s bio “featured beer, barbeque and The SIGIT’s engaging music”.


Since the band’s rise to fame, the quartet has performed at SXSW in Austin, Texas, and played sold-out shows across Indonesia.

The SIGIT’s last studio release was their 2013 sophomore album, ‘Detourn’, which garnered critical acclaim. The band have since set the stage for a comeback with the release of new single ‘Another Day’ in July this year.


The SIGIT also put on a virtual concert in late August, making the band’s first performance since December 2019.

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