The SIGIT pelted with mud and bottles after rain halts set at Minfes Senada music festival in Bogor

The music festival has also been criticised for a lack of professionalism and faces allegations of not paying performers

Indonesian rock band The SIGIT had mud and bottles hurled at them at Bogor music festival Minfes Senada on Sunday (July 3) after they had to cut their set short due to rain.

In a viral thread earlier this week, the Twitter user Ibnu Ikhsan shared a video of the band being pelted with objects by the audience. They had been forced to stop their set two songs in due to rain which threatened to damage to the electronic devices onstage, though it was later reported that festival closer Feel Koplo was able to play his set once the rain had subsided.


A YouTube video shot from the stage showed a man apparently being shoved offstage and a member of the band tossing a bottle into the chanting audience. The video then shows bottles flying towards the stage from the crowd before turning towards people onstage with their hands up in an apparent plea for the audience to stop.

According to Hai.ID, The SIGIT drummer Donar Armando Ekana, aka Acil, said in a now-deleted Instagram story that he was hit by mud thrown by the audience. “Thank God I’m OK. I believe that our fans were watching the show in an orderly way and not joining the bandwagon like this. Because we all want to enjoy the event and go home safely,” Acil wrote, adding that he hoped justice would come to those throwing objects at the band.

NME has reached out to The SIGIT for comment.

Ibnu Ikhsan’s thread also criticised the organisers of Minfes Senada for a lack of professionalism, and for allegedly only offering a 50 per cent refund to festivalgoers who had purchased tickets before the event venue was moved twice: from Depok, Jakarta to a venue 60 kilometres outside the capital city in Bogor’s Vivo Mall, and finally to Gor Softball Field in Bogor.

The Twitter user also said that those who wanted refunds due to the cancellation of previously announced headliners Danilla Riyadi and SISITIPSI were shortchanged by the decision to only offer a 50 per cent refund.


While Danilla Riyadi did not comment on her withdrawal from the festival, Minfes Senada announced her cancellation on Instagram ahead of the event, writing that she would not be able to perform “due to negligence on the part of our organizers”.

On Instagram, SISTIPSI said that they were cancelling their appearance at the festival “because the committee cannot fulfil their obligations according to the agreement”.

This was the first-ever edition of Minfes Senada, and featured Pee Wee Gaskins, The SIGIT, Feel Koplo performing alongside acts like The Panturas, Nadin Amizah, Straight Out and Jason Ranti.

Pee Wee Gaskins frontman Alditsa “Dochi” Sadega chimed in on the Twitter thread, alleging that the group had not been paid for their set. “After reading the tweets about [Minfes Senada], I just thought ‘Alhamdulillah it went smoothly yesterday when PWG played’ but it turns out that I just got news from the group… Not paid,” he wrote.

Alditsa claimed that Pee Wee Gaskins were told that money could only be disbursed after the event, even though the band’s contract guaranteed them payment beforehand. He also added, however, that an addendum has been signed that guarantees the organiser has to pay.

The organisers of Minfes Senada have yet to respond to the criticism. NME has reached out for comment.