The SIGIT release new song ‘Hateful Mind’ as an NFT

The single will be released on streaming platforms at a later date

Indonesian rock band The SIGIT have released a new song, ‘Hateful Mind’ as a non-fungible token (NFT).

The band took to social media on Tuesday (February 22) to announce their move into the NFT space. The token includes early access to ‘Hateful Mind’ and digital artwork by Riandy Karuniawan and Herzven that mimics a vinyl record in rotation.

The SIGIT’s social media post also comes with a teaser for the track, which you can hear below. Those interested have about eight hours left to make a bid.



The band still plan to release ‘Hateful Mind’ the “conventional way” on streaming platforms, cassette tapes and on vinyl, although a release date has yet to be announced. The winning bidder will get early access to the song.

In a description of the NFT, the band explained that they’ve always wanted to animate their music, citing The BeatlesYellow Submarine as an inspiration.

“This is our first attempt to create music that incorporates sounds, visions, and movement. The idea is to mimic an illustrative vinyl record that will animate itself when the record is played. Certain rotational speed will create an illusion of movement. Something that is still, could be moved. And movement is life,” the band wrote.


The SIGIT last released music in July 2020, in the form of the single, ‘Another Day’. It is currently unclear if their upcoming track ‘Hateful Mind’ will feature on a larger project.

The rock band are set to perform at the Joyland festival in Bali this March. The festival will also include performances from PamungkasKunto AjiSenyawaRaisa, Maliq & D’EssentialsGabber Modus Operandi and more.

The SIGIT are not the first Indonesian act to dabble in NFTs. Last year, rapper Matter Mos released several tokens of songs from his album ‘Pronoia’, praising its “supportive community” in an interview with NME and saying “the whole thing made me optimistic about the future”.

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