The Strokes tease behind the scenes video from ‘The Adults Are Talking’

"Something cool" is coming on Friday

The Strokes have teased a behind the scenes video from ‘The Adults Are Talking’.

The New York band shared the official Roman Coppola-directed video for the single, taken from their acclaimed sixth album ‘The New Abnormal‘ released last December, which saw them taking on robots at baseball.

Now they’ve taken to Twitter to tease that “something cool” is coming tomorrow (March 5) alongside a one minute clip which shows the band acting out the video in front of green screens.


It suggests that a full behind the scenes video will follow tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Gordon Raphael, the producer of The Strokes’ legendary debut ‘Is This It’, recently shared his thoughts on the chances of the band marking the album’s 20th anniversary this year.

The game-changing debut was released on July 30 in the summer of 2001, with a new wave of garage rock and indie following in its wake.

“I haven’t heard of any plans, and from what I know about The Strokes – I could be very wrong – but I think the last thing on their mind is a record they made 20 years ago,” Raphael told NME.

“For me, it was a real high point of my career and I’ll never forget that moment. I still get calls from bands all over the world that love that album, but The Strokes probably feel like, ‘Come on, man – we’ve made a ton of albums, we have our own solo projects, and we’re writing brand new music. Don’t talk to me about that thing we did when we were 20-years-old’.”


He continued: “I don’t think that they have the same, ‘Oh my God! ‘Is This It’! Woah!’ kinda feeling. That’s just not their personalities, but I could be wrong. Let’s see what happens.”

This comes after frontman Julian Casablancas recently voiced his displeasure at the idea of playing old songs.