THELIONCITYBOY joins forces with Zamaera, Alan D on ‘Buang Suay’

“I got no more bad luck / I buang the suay”

Singaporean rapper THELIONCITYBOY has dropped a new song ‘Buang Suay’, featuring Malaysian emcees Zamaera and Alan D.

I got no more bad luck left / I buang the suay,” THELIONCITYBOY – real name Kevin Lester – proclaims on the hook. “Buang” means throw or discard in Malay, and “suay” means unlucky or unfortunate in Hokkien.

Zamaera and Alan D back THELIONCITYBOY up with confident verses that build on the theme of leaving bad fortune in the past and looking forward to better things – something that will resonate with anyone living in the year 2020. As Alan D said in a statement, “This is a mantra for good energy.”


Listen to the song below:

This is THELIONCITYBOY’s first release since his quarantine project, ‘Circus Breaker’, which he dropped in August. The rapper is due to support fellow Singaporean artists Benjamin Kheng and Sezairi at a 500-capacity concert on December 18, which will be one of the country’s largest shows since the beginning of the lockdown (referred to locally as circuit breaker).

Zamaera, on the other hand, recently gave a historic performance at Istana Budaya for ROUND Festival. For the virtual music festival which brought together acts from Korea and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), she put on the first hip-hop performance at the Malaysian venue since its opening in 1999.

‘Buang Suay’ is Alan D’s latest track of 2020, following songs like ‘JAUH’ and ‘Laut’.